Calories In Versus Calories Out

If weight loss (and maintenance) really comes down to the matter of calories in versus calories out, can I reach my goal by staying under a certain amount of calories per day?


True, the most important factor for weight loss is burning more calories than you eat. But to ensure you’re burning off body fat and not muscle – and to build muscle while burning body fat – your macronutrient intake becomes critical.

Since muscle is composed of protein, it makes sense that you need ample amounts of protein. So when trying to drop body fat, you don’t want to lower protein intake.

We now know that eating fat does not lead to fat gain, especially when you eat the right kinds – namely, essential fats like the omega-3and monounstaurated fats. In fact, these fats actually encourage fat loss.

Unlike protein and fat, which are essential, there are no essential carbs. That’s because your body can convert protein and fat into carbs. So to lose fat you should start by reducing carb intake.

This method also helps to keep insulin levels low and steady, which allows for greater fat burningand less fat gain.


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