Universal Nutrition Real Gains Review


– Clean High Protein Weight Gainer!

– Powerful Mass-Cultivating Formula!

– 52 Greams Of Protein Per Serving

– 600 Calories Per Glass

– Contains Whey, Micellar Casein, Complex Carbs, Healthy Fats And Fiber

– Low In Sugar

– Mixes Easily With A Spoon Or In A Shaker

Universal Nutrition Real Gains Reviews:

Username: nosurf2day

  • Rating: 9/10
  • “I am a hard gainer, after 1 10lb bag of the Banana Ice Cream and nightly cookie’s and cream casein shakes. I put on 9lbs. I eat really clean and dont indulge in cheat meals. I am sure some of the gains are due to sups but the weight is visibly there. I started this at 165 and now I weigh 174. I will continue to purchase! The Cookies and Cream casein protein, cant say I am a fan of the flavor at all and i have some serious protein ***** after I have the shakes. Dont mix with anything other than water or it gets THICK!”

Username: HULK83

  • Rating: 10/10
  • “Best weight Gainer I’ve ever taken. I’ve tasted most flavors, they were all pretty good, Chocolate was the best but caused unbearable gas(smellwise). Vanilla and cookies and cream are my favorites. Immediate weight gain up to 1lb daily for 2-3 weeks each time taken. Usually take 1 serving in the morining upon waking or at some point during the day, and always a serving right before bed. Noticed the serving before bed helped with sleeping through the night, also used it as my sleep aid. Universal products are usually well thought out and the best in any category i have ever used.”

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